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Judith Saltman is a professor at the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies, The University of British Columbia, and is chair of the Master of Arts in Children’s Literature Program. Her research interests include international and Canadian children's literature, the publishing of children's books in Canada, and public library services for children and young adults.

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Gail Edwards is the Chair of the History Department at Douglas College in New Westminster, BC, where she teaches Canadian history. She also teaches as adjunct faculty at the University of British Columbia's School of Library, Archival and Information Studies. Her current research interests include the communications circuit of Canadian children's print culture, the cultures of print for children during the interwar and immediate postwar period in Canada, and the history of children's library services and children's librarianship in Western Canada.

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Many graduate research assistants from the University of British Columbia's Master of Library and Information Studies and Master of Arts in Children's Literature Programs contributed to the Canadian Children's Illustrated Books Project.

Grateful thanks to:

Desiree Baron, Shailloo Bedhi, Lian Beveridge, Marilynne Black, Joanne Canow, Stephanie Dror, Marcia Fuller, Carol Gladstein, Derek Gratsby, Rina Hadziev, Elizabeth Heideman, Brian Hornberg, Merinda McLure, Noreen Ma, Richard Matiachuk, Carmen Merrells, Michelle Purdon, Randi Robin, Jonathan Scop, Kathryn Shoemaker, Tanya Thiessen, Emily Tufts, Ginger Warden, Stephen Warren, Anne Marie Weiss, Michele Wiens, Kristy Woodcock, Mei-Mei Wu.

Manuela Boscenco, Joanne Boucher, Virginia Chan, Nicholas Chang, Beth Cote, Annette DeFaveri, Sarah Donald, Julie Friel, Nicole Gjertsen, Peggy Holm, Karen Hudson, Kristina McDavid, Marilyn McPherson, Michelle Mallette, Anne Martin, Carmen Merrells, Patty Montpellier, Tom Richardson, Sion Romaine, Karen Sharkey, Kathryn Shoemaker, Kevin Stranack, Karim Tharani.

Michele Adams, Rachel Balko, Carolyn Casenas, Tanya Goos, Sean Hannan, Teresa Lee, Julie Michaud, Meaghan Scanlon, Karim Tharani, Peter Tyrrell, Stephen Warren, Kelly Woods, Kristy Woodcock.

Interview Transcription, Editing, and Indexing:
Kirsten Andersen, Shauna Barry, Maryn Brown, Erin Creak, Allison Davis, Paul Evans, Kathryn Foley, Jing Jiang, Stephanie Karnosh, Marilyn McPherson, Michelle Mallette, Heather Marker, Hugh Morrison, Danielle Russell, Carolyn Sin, Annette Tellis, Alyssa Uecker, Lindsay Ure, Donna Waye, Diana Wilkes, Linda Yan.

Camille Callison, Cherie Givens, Kathryn Shoemaker.

Karim Tharani