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Canadian Children's Illustrated Books (CCIB) Database

This searchable database provides access to bibliographic information on award-winning and shortlisted Canadian children's illustrated books in English.

The database includes national, provincial, and regional juried awards given to Canadian children's illustrated books for text, illustration and design. Award recipients include the author and/or illustrator, as well as the book designer.

The majority of books included in this database were published between the late 1960s and the present day.

The database includes awards given to picturebooks, and to illustrated books in which the illustrations are integral, and not incidental to the text.

This database includes only those books that have been evaluated as "illustrated" or "picture" books.  In making this decision, the following criteria have been considered: illustrations must be integral, rather than incidental to the text, and illustrations should comprise 50% or more of the entire content of the book.  Books in the standard 32-page picturebook format, as well as longer titles that meet the above criteria, have been included.  Each individual title has been evaluated according to these criteria, and the ultimate decision has been made at the discretion of the project team.

As well, unless otherwise stated, only English titles are present in the database.

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